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Just coasting along


Yeah, I waited until I completed six months before moving into this room. Just didn't seem right before this.

Still here, life is good, smoking is a part of my past now, albeit it a large part. Started smoking again after 3 and 5 year quits before, so I know it will always be lurking out there waiting to pounce, but I can't imagine being that stupid a third time.

Newbies, time crawls at the beginning. The quit consumes your life, wears you down, and beats you up. It's easy to get depressed and think it will never get better. Six months isn't a long time, but it's enough to get you out of the woods. Give it a chance, it's worth it.

I'm going to take a break from the forum now for a couple of reasons. I've enjoyed reading many posts and have added a few comments when I thought I could be helpful, but I've always been resolved enough to do this mostly on my own. I hope someone has gotten something positive out of my few posts. In all honesty, I am one of those people who takes a hard-line approach to quitting. I'm a cold turkey kind of guy who thinks nicotine is an enemy that must be dealt with harshly. I've got a lot of thoughts on the subject, but the recent bickering around here suggests that my kind of hard-nosed approach ruffles too many feathers. That's the last thing I want to do in a place where we are all supposed to be working torward a common goal, so I'm stepping away. I'll be fine and I want everyone here to be fine. Best of luck and thanks for all of your fine posts, thoughts, and time. If I'm still thinking about it at the time, I'll check back in at 1 year. I know that early on I liked to read the posts of the long-timers, and I'm often curious about how people are getting on when they disappear.

I'm a yank, but allow me to say cheers!

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Fair play to you Third, and may you enjoy your smoke-free future as you deserve to do. :)

Do stick your head around the door when you make the Penthouse though, wont you? :D

So long Charm, hope to see your one year post :D

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