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Embarrassing moments oooch

Well this is open for debate, but two glasses of wine and I have a story to tell, this is by no means my most embarrassing moment, but will start with a funny one.

On holiday in Crete, two week, beautiful small friendly b & b,

A nice walk down a track to the beech, so lovely we use to wander down there after dinner as there was a bar, and we just watched the sea rolling waves, would waddle back after a couple or three, sit on the terrace and have a night cap. Sooo nice no one was ever there, just oh and me having a brandy before bed.

12 days in, the usual coming ack fom the bar near the beach, I need a wee, any way as you do., went and had a wee, behind a bush, got back for our late night Brandy, as we got to the terrace a round of applause greeted me there was a 40th birthday party happening, and they had seen all, took a while to lfe that down

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