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No Smoking Day

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Been to park

Done the same 4 jigsaw at least dozen times.

Played rockets.

Learnt how to blow balloons out , mouth

Played with kitchen, been cooking eggs.

Played tractors.

Done umping on cushions

Played hide and seek

M I c k e y m o u s e club house curtesy of YouTube

Made fairy buns

But what a great day, love my little buddy Owen. He's our little ray of sunshine .

And all of a sudden just did not have time to smoke,

Great day, can't buy those moments,

Owen says

Nana lets go

Or nana love you

What a wonderful day :)

Shattered but love it

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Soooooo needed, but that's what our memories are made of, soooo lucky to have him. We are blessed:)

Little ones

Absolutely, worn out, but what a wonderful day. Another day done quit wise, nearly 4 weeks, getting there hope I can achieve the dream of being a none smoking:) hanging in, but not easy, :)

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