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December 10, 2014

We all need goals. Things to shoot for, and things to celebrate when they're accomplished. One of the reasons this forum is so helpful for so many people is the clever way of sorting people into "rooms" based on how long they've quit.

It's quite motivating and encouraging to move from one room to the next.

Well, I'm an old-timer now, and a couple of days ago celebrated the 2-year milestone in my quit. It's great being where I am, and the quit is FAR easier than it was when I begun, obviously.

But I still need a goal. I'm not one to get excited about the idea of just "keep on doing what you're doing." I intend to do that, but I want/need a new goal regardless.

So, I've decided my next goal is to reach the day when I will have been 1,000 days without nicotine. For me that will happen on December 10, 2014. If I'm vigilant. If I stay the course. If I "just say no" to a cigarette if/when I feel an urge. If I don't do any stinkin' thinkin' between now and then.

When I get to December 10, 2104 I will have said no to 20,000 cigarettes. Depending on the cost, that could be a savings of $10,000. But the true cost? Immeasurable, because how do you decide what having saved your life is worth?

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Loving this post , I agree we all need a goal to keep going, but my word you are a trooper, I,m long the fact you have not let your guard down , and it n spires me to keep quit. I know it's earl days but have to start some where:)

Wow great positive post:).


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