Day 16

Greetings from across the pond! You all seem like a friendly bunch on here, so I thought I might join you in your fight against our common enemy. I've made it to day 16 and feel great. The air has just tasted a little different the last few days. Maybe I'm just hallucinating or maybe it's because I can actually start to taste things again, who knows, but I like it. Since I've quit, I've had so much more time to play with my little 2 year old girl. It's amazing what we're willing to sacrifice for something that kills us. She used to tell me not to go outside when she'd see me making my way towards the door. I would say something to the tune of "Be back in a minute and we'll play". Which would inevitably lead to her crying or becoming sad. But not in 2 weeks it hasn't! No longer is she or my wife subjected to the stench that my habit caused. No longer do I need to go "warm up the car" when we are about to leave the house. No longer is my time, my finances and my thoughts a slave to something that wants me dead. I want to see my child graduate and get married. I want to walk her down the isle and be in good health for her adulthood. I'm sick of this selfish addiction and am proud to be free!

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  • Welcome Tim - the more the merrier I say, there is strength in numbers :)

    Congratulations on 16 days, great achievement, just a matter of resolve and momentum and your daughter sounds like perfect motivation.

    I'm just a fews days further down the road so will keep a look out for your progress.

    Liking the Allen Carr quote - wise and true words that I keep in mind too.


  • PS forum date protocol means you should really be in week 3 already (days 15 - 21) - how time flies :p

    Well done again

  • Welcome Tim and strong post. Good luck for the next few days.

  • PS forum date protocol means you should really be in week 3 already (days 15 - 21) - how time flies :p

    Well done again

    Ah yes, you're right, thank you. Hopefully my ability to count, or lack there of, is not indicative of how my quit is going to go. However brief, it was nice knowing you week 2 room. Week 3 here I come. At this rate I should have about 8 years sobriety under my belt within the next few hours...

  • I know - easier than you thought huh? :D

  • Hi Tim, nice to meet you, congrats on taking the plunge and being 16 days smoke free, onwards and upwards, good luck :)

  • Hello Tim,

    A big welcome to the forum from me too. It is lovely having members from so many far-flung corners of the world. Makes us a really big extended family :D

    Many, many congratulations on making it to Week 3 of your quit. Having come this far I am certain you will succeed in making your quit permanent, especially in view of the determination you express in your first post. I shall look forward to hearing how things go over the coming weeks and months.

    What's the weather like where you are? :)

  • Hello Tim, and a very warm welcome.

    You sound so positive and strong, will be following you, your doing great:)

  • Thanks everyone. Your comments go further than you know.

    What's the weather like where you are? :)

    I'm in the middle/eastern US so our winter is just ending and spring is right around the corner. Mostly in the 50's F these days, but we usually have a frost or two up until late March/early April.

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