Day 57

Hi all,

Not been able to post for a while been very busy.

Well here I am day 57 and going ok, just about to start my last stage of patches:D

So since I last posted I have booked a holiday to Greece for 2 weeks in june:D

Won the inter squash championships at my squash club:D

And have got back to my normal weight, so it's all good at present:D

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  • Hi Debbie,

    I am trying to make it as easy as I can for myself, still having hard moments but hay 57 bliking days:D

  • You are doing fab, and wow losing weight and winning stuff? WOOHOO

  • Thanks Debbie,

    But we all know it's no picnic lol well I may be but off all the things we hate:mad:

  • Nice to see your so strong going great guns:)

    Really well done:D

  • Nice to see your so strong going great guns:)

    Really well done:D

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you, your not doing too bad yourself well done:D

  • Missed your posts beer, so glad to hear all is going OK. :) In fact it is going

    much more than O.K. it sounds GREAT :D:D:D

    Smokefree, fit, and weight controlled, that really is wonderful. :)

    All kudos to you beer, those achievements don't come easy, and Day 57 is so

    brilliant.:D Much admiration for you, very, very well done - be proud :):) bb x

  • Flipping brilliant Beer :D

    So glad all is not only OK with you, but rocking. You really are an inspiration you know. :)

    Well done that man!

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your lovely comments, positive mental attitude is easier than we think. Ok not for 24 hours a day to start, a bit like quilting the cigs an hour at a time and build up.

    It can be done together :D

  • This is brilliant Beer/Keith/hammy :D

    Nothing like booking a holiday to give you incentive is there? Congrats on 57 days, over 8 weeks now, perfect! Xx

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