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Week Two-ers

Just wondered how fellow Week Two-ers are doing ?

Most of the time I have no problems with not smoking. But then about 3 or 4 times a day..... you all know the feeling.

So - I've devised a mind-set to combat those 3 or 4 difficult moments. Let me explain.

I had my first fag as a nipper - simply out of curiosity. Then as a teenager - I took up smoking on a regular basis. It felt rebellious. James Dean was my hero.

Addiction to nicotine took over for the next few decades. But in recent years - with fewer and fewer folk smoking - and the ban on lighting up in public places taking effect - not only was I still addicted - but my smoking felt once again like an act of rebellion. And I quite enjoyed being a rebel in my sixties.

So - to pack in smoking meant both beating my addiction - and giving up being a rebel.

Surprisingly - coping with nicotine withdrawal over the first few days has proved easier to cope with than changing my self-image of being the rebellious smoker.

Here's what I'm now trying...

Family and friends know I'm a smoker - and always have been. They've got used to me lighting up. They know that I will always be a smoker. They know I can't change the habit of a life-time.

They are wrong !

I'm going to use my rebellious nature to confound them. They expect me to continue smoking. But I'm a rebel. I don't do what people expect me to do.

You think I'm a smoker ? Ha ! No I ain't. I do what I want to do. And I don't do what I don't want to do.

I don't have to fit the image you have of me. I'm doing my own thing.

I'm a 'Rebel with a cause'. :cool:

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I'm a 'Rebel with a cause'. :cool:


Nice one!


What a good post! I love the image :D

I really like the idea of you confounding people by not smoking, that'll show em for thinking you have stopped rebelling!


Love the the post.

Made me smile. :)


I love this post! This is very similar thinking to my quit.

I stumbled across the Alan Carr app a few years ago, I purchased it but didnt watch the videos straight away. When I did watch it I agreed with everything he had said but knew I was a tricksy Bast**d and needed to beat myself at my own game!

Since just before christmas I have been changing my view point on smoking and cigarettes, everytime I was stood outside lighting up I was telling myself what a joke the whole situation was. I'm a head strong character, fast paced and I like to be in control. This became my ammunition against smoking and I'm using my stubborn streak to fight the nicotine niggles (I havent had any nicotine niggles for the last 2 days).

I didn't set a quit date, I knew with my brain resenting myself smoking it wouldn't be long until I stopped and ceased control of the smoking saga, this happened on Sunday 23rd February, early evening.

The toughest days were 1/3/5/7 (I normally like odd numbers ha ha) I've never cold turkey quit before and I didn't know what to expect. I'm still not sure if I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms or the back lash of a nasty sore throat and cold. NRT has not worked long term for me in the past, some side effects were very unpleasant. I always assumed cold turkey would be impossible, which so far has been the biggest miss calculation of my life (I'm tempted to write a book, ha ha).

I can't remember where I was going with this one....

Yes yes, good good, well done all and keep it up!


Good way of thinking :) you'll show 'em.... :D


Love it. :D


Brilliant :D:D:D


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