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6 months!!!

Hi guys,

Haven't really been on too much but I am aware that I am fast approaching another milestone. On Sunday I reach exactly 26 weeks, halfway through a year! I never, ever would have thought I would get as far as I have and again, I thank the people on this forum for offering their unconditional support.

I have seen people make it so far because of this forum. i have seen people 'fail' a quit but they soon get back to it - that isn't a fail in my eyes. A fail is only a fail when you stop trying. I am sure the overwhelming majority of us on this site have failed a quit on more than one occasion. The reason we succeeded is because we stop trying. Anyone who is on their xx quit, don't get downhearted - you will be free.

I am proud to say I am nearing the 6 month mark. It is further than I have ever got in a quit, and although I get thoughts from time to time I know that going back to smoking would be a major disappointment, and I don't want to let myself down.

I don't think words could ever express the gratitude I feel to those on the forum who shared their support, their understanding, their time, their effort, their willingness to help, their patience, and mostly their friendship. Little things like KK's jokes, Carol's Caturday and Kat & Gemma winding up Max all help with a distraction.

To everyone who continues to fight and win, keep going. It's always better than the alternative.

To evryone preparing to start or restart, the support here will get you through. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And don't take anything personaly.

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Lovely post Mark :D

Many, many congratulations on reaching Halfway House. That's a mighty achievement and you deserve a huge pat on the back.

Save a corner for me would you?? :)


Oooh that's fab Mark, I'm so glad you're close to yet another milestone!! :D :D


Loved reading your post Mark, really inspiring. :)

You have done so well, 6 months is amazing.

You sound so positive, absolutely got the right mindset - no going back for you.

Many congratulations. Here's to the next 6 months and Penthouse :D:D bb x


Great post mark, these positive posts always put a smile on my face. Brilliant stuff on getting to the 6 month mark, if I was you i'd treat myself with whatever tickes yer fancy :D


Good post Mark and well done to getting to your 26 weeks, no going back now :)


Contrats on your six months Mark, whoop whoop for that man



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