No Smoking Day
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on to the 2nd week!!

Well day 8 today! The first week is over yipeee and the craving is starting to slow down. It is a battle and one you have to fight very hard. You do start to find that inner strength becoming stronger and stronger. Today I have dropped nearly everything ive touched thank god its pancake day tomorrow!! Or no one in my house could have one as they would all be on the floor. On that note what is it like tasting all these new tastes mmmmmmh and chocolate. I am constantly walking about like a sniffer dog all these new smells if I dont watch out my nose is going to get stuck in that position. :p onwards to day 9 and chocolate pancakes tomorrow. :D

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Yay!! You're doing fab and its lovely to see you getting stronger and sounding so positive!!

Enjoy your pancakes!


Congratulations Yvonne, day 8 is fantastic!! Keep your positive attitude and you will be on day 18 before you know it!


Excellent stuff Yvonne, day 8 and sounding positive :)


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