No Smoking Day
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Day 12

What a difference a bit of spring weather made to me yesterday - Day 12!

If I could bottle it and take it with me on this quit I would be fine :)

Bit grey and wet again this morning - but if I can just hang on til the weather turns I'm hoping I'll find it easier

- the smell of better days is in the air, just need the temperature to pick up bit

In the meantime I'm off to the garden centre to buy some plants in anticipation, and to keep the feel good spring mood going in the face of dull skies (my much improved bank balance makes this a painless treat :D:D)

Happy Sunday everyone


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Oooh it does make you feel better when it's sunny!!

Doesn't the air smell nice too?

Treat yourself to some nice garden bits, and they're all paid for by the Nicodemon!!


One day behind you

Enjoy your treat, you deserve it, as I!m only one day behind you I always read your posts, gives me inspiration.

Enjoy to day

We never know what tomorrow brings :)


Good going Mina gotta love the garden centre on Sunday :) hopefully the sun will start shining soon and we will all be sat in our gardens relaxing with a nice cold Pinot Grigio....aaaaah :) x