No Smoking Day
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Day Eleven

So I am here, ticking off day Eleven.....

9.30 TICK

I am drinking rather nice wine at the moment, a small indulgence (Barolo) and doing a jigsaw - Madeline Floyd - Birds - 1000 pieces.

Was a little pressie to me from me for not smoking....

It is doing the job and keeping me chilled BUT

This is not rock n roll peeps.............this is like being OLD before I'm old

WHEN will I have my EUREKA moment!!!!

And relax...........



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Keep going Mina...I think I had mine today when someone asked me if i was going for a smoke on my break and I said no thanks I'm not smoking...I've said it before but this time I meant it. It felt will happen my friend, just keep on going xxx


Hey Mina,

Its a rollercoaster ride and those are for the young right? LOL. It is all relative!

Keep going my friend, you are doing just great :D


Well done Mina,I admire how you picked yourself back up and climbed to day 11 style I might add:D

Nearly 2 wks x


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