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Any senior citizen quitters ?

I started smoking aged 15. With just a few unsuccessful attempts to stop - I've smoked ever since. And I'm 70 tomorrow - 27th February !

I had my last roll-up 3 days ago so that I can tell people "oh, I haven't smoked since I was in my 60s."

I'm coping with the nicotine cravings - most of the time. What I'm struggling with is being me as a non-smoker. I've got to get used to not doing what I've done 20 times a day, 365 days a year - for 55 years.

It just feels strange to be not smoking. I don't feel like me.

Encouragement from any source will be most welcome - but especially from folk who've finally packed in the fags after smoking for many years.

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Hi There

Yep that was the real killer for me - I smoked those really weak cigarettes so wasn't as addicted to Nicotine as I probably could have been.

I had to keep busy for the first few days and substitute the fags with other things

Tea and biscuit

Coffee and Biscuits

Chocolate Nibbles

Peanuts etc

Started getting a paper every day.

Went for a walk around the block.

But even with all of this there were times when I just had to sit and grind my teeth until the urge went away.

The other thing you MUST try to avoid is looking forward and saying how will I cope when I have to - take 1 day at a time.

BTW don't think 60 is quite senior citizen :D



Thanks for useful links to others - and for the encouragement.

It helps.


Sugar Puff is in her 60's as well and I know she was struggling in a similar way. She hasn't posted for a while but it is worth reading some of her posts.

And welcome to the forum by the way. It's very good to meet you. A huge Well Done on your quit so far. :)



Thanks for the good wishes. I'm encouraged by your success.

And I'll not binge on chocolate !


Just joined to see what gives.69 today and been smoking up to 100 a day since I was 14|On my sixth attempt to quit and now in third month of no smoking but it is still a struggle.Am using high strength patches an nasal spray prescribed by GP but now refusing to give me any more.Don't know if I will be able to refrain without further help but will keep trying.GDADDD



Many Happy Returns of the Day !

You're just a youngster - I've hit the big 70 today.

It's up to the likes of us (heavy smokers for years and years) to show that it's never too late to benefit from packing in the fags.

Enjoy your birthday - but go easy on the jelly and ice-cream.


Many Happy Returns to both of you :)

GDADDD, 3 months is mighty and you should be very proud of yourself. We must have quit around the same time. There is a November/December 203 quitters group- why don't you join us? Click on QuickLinks and go to Social Groups.

You'll both get gallons of moral support here as we're all in the same boat no matter what stage of quit we're at. :)


Well done junius , i know what you mean about not knowing who you are anymore since quitting. If your like me you probably always wanted to quit but thought you couldnt. Well in the end we did quit. so we have given ourselves a great gift that can only make our lives better. i'm glad I'm not that person anymore ,every day was predictable. but nowadays i'm constantly being surprised.




Thanks for that. The bit about everyday being predictable as a smoker made sense to me. Now for the surprises - the first one being that I'm now 8 days smoke free.


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