No Smoking Day
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Week 7!!!!

It's 7 weeks today since I last smoked hip hip hooray :) Me and my husband are both still quit and are so happy and content this time - I'm convinced it's because we have each other for support and encouragement and I'm so strong in my belief that this will be our "forever" quit.

Big up to all my crew, the January Freedom Fighters and in particular my wee quit buddy Bluebell - here's to marching into March :D

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Thank you Max - hopefully I'll be joining you in the future up in "The Gods" :D xx


WOOHOO Loving the pride and the positivity!!

So nice to see people *loving* the freedom from quitting :D :D


Thanks guys :) xx


Brilliant Blondie glad to hear you and OH are still winning the fight, up the FF'ers :) x


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