No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Took myself out for a wander in the garden this morning, sun was shining and the daffodils had started to open - pair of robins splashing in the bird bath and a bluetit nibbling at the peanut feeder......

Was a lovely morning, with the air crisp and earthy, full of the promise of spring.....

Not for one moment did I linger and wonder why, in all her wisdom, Nature had forgotten to add the smell of intrusive. acrid fag smoke to this scenario, and that, in order to correct her lack of vision, I should light up and complete the perfection :D:D:D

(let me just add that "wandering around the garden" is what might otherwise be known as "poetic license" :p)



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Good for you Mina, you describe a wonderful spring day, and it is good to get fresh air into our lungs isn't it? :) Glad to hear you're doing OK, well done and keep it up. :) bb x


Oh Buttercup -to be sure my quit is one of the erractic ones - but I know where it will end, so despite the deviations I've not lost sight of the final destination, and will wend my way there, by hook or by crook xxx


Glad you're doing well and not missing the fags Mina, it's brilliant :D


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