No Smoking Day
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5months today!

Hello fellow freedom fighters!

Well 5 months ago I decided to stop smoking, for health and finacial reasons. I was smoking 20 a day every day, possibly more at the weekend.

I have no intentions of having one cig ever again, I went through the Christmas festivities, I have had some challenges and managed to get through smoke free!

I went cold turkey-first three weeks were, well, lets say...not easy! I still 'crave' but the feeling goes quite quickly-Its' the mornings for me!

I have saved £1350, my lungs feel great! I haven't put on weight, infact I have lost 4 pounds-as I have monitored my calorie intake carefully-sticking to healthy snacks.

It hasn't been easy, and anyone who tells you it is-are either lying or psychopaths (joke) I remain focused, never become too complacent and the fight still goes on-but every day it gets easier.

I smell of Chanel Nos 5 rather than stale a woman should do!

-the money I have saved has just paid for my trip to Croatia :D

stay strong my lovelies-It is worth it...I am now leaving to move into the next room xxx

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What a lovely post! :)

Many, many congratulations on heading for Halfway House and will look forward to cheering you in to the Penthouse in the not too distant future :D


Thankyou so much...feel mighty proud of myself :-)


Oooh that's fab Sweet, I'm so glad you're doing so well :D :D

And you got a free holiday out of the nicotine demon, isn't that brilliant?

can see exactly proud you are and hell you deserve to be!!


What a brilliant post Sweet, you have gained so much already from quitting and posts like urs keeps serial quitters like me on the straight and narrow, it's lovely to have so much real positivity to buy into, and you obviously have loads of that! Really well done to you :) xxx


Awwww...all my favorite girls (and boy) posting on my thread-thankyou my friends-you all have been amazing on here for me xxx

Keep going, enjoy your freedom xxx


Great to hear from you Sweet ....all that money you can now spend on Chanel No 5, you must smell fab :D


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