No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Tomorrow will be my third time on day one - since Jan 5th.

Be as cynical as you like

Call me weak

Call me a failure

You will be right - but it won't help me.

I am spurred on by having only smoked on 3 days since Jan 5th.

I will make it.

If I have to plonk myself back there 100 times - I WILL MAKE IT

I learn a little more each fail


With so much success around - it is a little humiliating to re-instate myself on day one

however no one died of humiliation - so there I will be - and the red face aint gonna be any sun tan!

Asking for kindness is



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sending hug to mina

Hi mina

dont you go beating yourself up girl! Anyone of us can fall off at any

point in this struggle. You know you will quit again when you are ready and

you sound as though you mean business. Its your time and your pace that matters

The fact that you posted has my admiration, and you obviously see this as

a temporary blip. you have probably quit again by the time I type this

All the best to you

Lexilou x


Hi Mina,

I wish you the very best on your new quit,

As you all ready know it's not Easy but can

easily be done :)



One Swallow does not make a summer and a couple of blips does not a quit break. I really admire your courage in coming clean and starting again from Day One. Not only WILL you make it, you effectively already have.

And this is your third time lucky...:)


Mina most of us on here have fallen off the wagon at some point of another, I really admire you persevering with it again, all the best of luck to you xx


The only other time I tried to stop was when I was 17. My 'slip' lasted for 10 years! So give yourself a bit of a break, you are persevering and that is *brilliant*

I know it's a cliche but if at first you don't succeed... these sayings have been in use for such a long time because there is truth in them. There is no shame in failure, it just means you have room for improvement and that is NOT a bad thing so long as you strive to give it your best shot.


Day 1

Hello_D sorry to learn that your struggling with your quit, your not the first nor will you be the last to experience such trials and tribulations.

Please don't take on board others opinions. Opinions are like some of the less wholesome areas of our anatomy everybody has one.

Quitting isn't easy remember your dealing with an addiction and a very potent one.

When your struggling try and break your quit into manageable portions a day,an hour ,a minute a second even. Remember all we are asked to do is try and God loves a trier.

So it's on with the motley as they say and all the best with your quit and if it's any consolation to you I'm a recovering alcoholic of some 23+ years soberiety and I found quitting drinking easier than stopping smoking believe it or not.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glasgow


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