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Day 21

Hi everyone. Well Patty and I have made it to day 21 . Yesterday was difficult mainly due to external pressure. But smoking would not have resolved anything so it was grit ones teeth, shout a little at each other , and grin and bear it. This morning all is calm and were still smoke free. Lesson learned is that no matter what occurs just don't give in the important thing is to keep on fighting the demon. Thankyou all for the support you have given us, hope everyone is ok. Love Jonno

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Hey Jonno, quits are like a roller coaster ride, some days you feel on top of the world and can acheive anything and other days you hit the bottom and feel squished from all the preassure. The good news is, if you can make it through those tough day, most of the other days will be much easier :D. It gets easier (I know everyone keeps saying this, but it's for a reason, it really does!) and you are doing great!


You are both doing great :D

My other half doesn't smoke. I am sure if he did we would have been shouting a lot over the last month ;)

Keep going, it won't be long til that first month is done and dusted :D:D:D


You're doing great Jonno and Patty!

Three weeks is one of those notorious quit milestones, so I'm super glad the water is mostly calm :D

There seem to be a lot of strong quits at the moment, yours included.

Well done!!


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