I've moved

Hi all, just sending out my new address :D

On Day 22, and it's had its ups and downs. The downs annoy me - tiredness, hunger, impatience, vivid dreams, longing for a fag at times :(

Of course there is THE UP of not smoking, which outweighs everything else and makes getting through the downs an achievement I didn't dream I could do.

Early days I suppose, but I'm a non-smoker now. Suddenly think about smoking in the evenings (most evenings if I'm honest!) but the thought passes, it doesn't grab me and hold me now.

Having a great meal in a pub then a walk on the beach after and not even thinking about a cigarette is wonderful to me :D

I hope you are all doing well and managing the difficult bits OK. This place has made a difference to me, and it will to you too. xxx

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  • Brilliant Bluebell, great to see you still going strong :) xx

  • Well done! And I wholeheartedly agree about the post meal thing. I now have a delicious lingering taste of yummy food in my mouth after we go out for a meal, instead of the taste of cigarettes. Much nicer isn't it :)

  • Fantastic Bluebell- it's wonderful to move to a new room isn't it? :D

    It's true that the cravings diminish as time passes. I rarely get a proper craving now (last one was 4 days ago and only lasted a few minutes). As you say, the benefits so outweigh any of the pain we went through.

    Good on you! :)

  • Welcome to the new room, BB :D

    I should be there too, but haven't got around to announcing my arrival yet :eek:

    You're doing really well -- congratulations!

  • Ahh all of you, how nice is that ;)

    Max414 I trust you when you say the occasional cravings disappear eventually :p

    Steve - where are you hiding, I know you're here ? :rolleyes:

    Blondie - way to go girl, we will do this and you've got Portugal to look forward to :D

    Skiddaw - I like to think I'm on the next floor now, long way to go but worth the climb.

    Scarlett - Yeah, food tastes good now doesn't it ? Remember the desperate need to go outside for a puff after a meal?? Doesn't happen now :)

    Sending loads of love and positive thoughts to everyone, "Can we do it?? YES We can !! :D:D:D

  • Having a great meal in a pub then a walk on the beach after....

    ....not jealous at all ;)

    Well done Bluebell :D

  • Go you xxx You are doing fantastic, I struggled on my 3rd week, my 4th week seems to be going so much better xxx Roll on the day we never crave again :) xxx

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