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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (lack of)

No matter what I do I just cannot sleep when I go to bed at night. Maximum time sleeping has been 6 hrs (once) and the rest of the time I am thriving on 3 or 4. I would have thought less nicotine before bedtime would be positive and help me sleep but for now at least I am more wide awake then ever. I've tried everything even down to replacing pillows. Nothing works :confused:

Hoping February is better.

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Did you have problems sleeping before you quit smoking?

I'm sure that nicotine stimulates the brain so keeps you awake. Now you've taken your brains addiction to nicotine away it is having to re-wire itself which is why I reckon we have these sleepless nights at the start (I didn't have them quite as bad as you though, sorry).

It will get better as your body adjusts though so stick with it and maybe try some meditation before bed (I know, I know, but give it a go, what have you got to lose?).

I really hope you get a good nights sleep soon :D


Oh Dear...I never really had trouble sleeping so I cant really help.....but I can support you in hoping that it doesn't last long (fingers crossed)...its horrible when you cant sleep :(

Although, Im having trouble now but its not smoking we can kip over our keyboards at the same time today..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Aww that's a shame!!

I guess it's down to your brain readjusting, but even so it's flipping miserable!!

Only thing i can suggest is the aromatherapy stuff 'cos that does a great job for me :)


Your brain is buzzing still from the lack of nicotine, also any cafeine from tea or coffee is intensified as the cigs used to counteract the effect. You could try to avoid tea/coffee after lunch, pretend you are four and give yourself a bed time routine, a nice warm bath in scented bubble bath, followed by a relaxing read. It will settle down soon, sending big hugs ;)


pretend you are four and give yourself a bed time routine, a nice warm bath in scented bubble bath, followed by a relaxing read. It will settle down soon

Corrrrrrr this sounds soooooooo nice!! I might do this later....OH is being kicked out to watch a local footie derby....


Hi Lindy,

It's rotten for you. I do hope it improves soon. :mad:

I think (though may be wrong) that you mentioned you were prone to insomnia prior to your quit and if so, it has probably intensified the sleep problems that seem to effect most of us quitters for a time at least. I presume you've tried Nytol and the equivalent over the counter stuff? (I find the cheaper Boots equivalent works for me). Perhaps it would be worth getting some prescription medication for a short while (it might just get you back into a proper sleep routine).

I do feel for you.


Thanks everyone :D

Yes I have had problems sleeping on and off for nearly 5 years now due to a traumatic accident. I guess stopping smoking has intensified things for me.

I have had sleeping pills from the doc but I didn't cope well with them. Horrible nightmares and also unable to function until mid day. I felt even worse being honest.

I might try some other over the counter remedies and see if that helps, have tried some with limited success.

I guess I cant complain too much as right now its my only real side effect, my circulation feels a bit better again this week. :D


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