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Patty &Jonno day 15

Hi all, we're now on day 15 and still smoke free. Yesterday we met up with our daughter and granddaughter. Granddaughter is 18 and going on a months break to Thailand on her first lone holiday(Worry !!). We were having coffee in a cafe and I noticed the smokers huDdled outsider in the cold desperately puffing on their ciggies. At first I envied them, but then I felt kinda sorry for them, they looked so cold and miserable in their addiction. I didn't feel smug or superior just thankful that I didn't feel the need to join them.Instead I could enjoy my granddaughters company without having to sneak outside every few minutes to sneak a puff. Ditto Patty who is also on day 15. We are soooo grateful To be free at last. As a bonus our granddaughter said that it was wonderful to cuddle us without the awful pong of smoke. Thankyou everyone for your support . Love Jonno & Patty.

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That's lovely, well done to you and Patty :D

And how fab to be able to enjoy yourselves without going into Leper's Corner!!

Bet you any money if they'd thought about it they'd be dead envious :cool:


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