No Smoking Day
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Day 22. Look at me im dancin im dancin !!!!!!

Wow feel amazing. Been a much more relaxed week not as stressed out now and everything seems to be settling down.

So 3 weeks done and it has been a rough ride all things considered i dont seem to be even thinking about smoking anymore its usually just the smell or seeing someone smoking that sends the thoughts but even those are fleeting.

Mood swings and irritation has eased off too and im smiling again and i know it. Just got to keep moving forward now 4 week milestone and im sure from there on it will just keep getting easier.

Thanks so much to this forum for giving the moments of strength that i needed at the most clinical of times.

Keep it up everyone your doing ACE.

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Very well done:D


I'm on day 20 and feel the same, I truly don't think of smoking, hoping it's not the calm before the storm :/ your doing really well, we all are :) :)


Huge congratulations to you Syplha :)


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