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Day 12 Newbie

Hello everyone,

I feel somewhat silly typing this post having never done it before, but having looked through the forum it would seem that this is a really useful way of trying to get some help and encouragement and offering out my own encouragement to others.

Decided I need to stop, mainly because we have just heard my Nana doesn't have much longer with us, having smoked 20 a day for 65 years. So it is quite a devastating time for me at the moment, to add a nice little cherry on the cake I am currently meant to be revising for some exams (spending far too much time reading everyones posts) and normally I smoke far much more when I have exams/coursework to do.

I had my my first exam yesterday and 30 minutes towards the end of my exam the idea of smoking that cigarette popped into my head and I couldn't get rid of it! Alas, I didn't give in but i have two further exams one tomorrow and one on friday and I'm really nervous that I'm going to give in, which I think is just making me even more stressed. I am a mature student so the idea I'm going to mess up my opportunity at University is really getting me down.

Moan over. Well done to everyone for putting themselves out there on this forum and for wanting to make/and making such a great change to their life!


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You don't ever need to feel silly posting anything on here, we've all gone through or are going through the same things as you :) That's the fab thing about this place, someone always understands and can help, or give you a shoulder to cry on!!

Huge well done for stopping after smoking so long, it must be tricky but it is a brilliant thing to do :D

It's always tricky when you've got a stressy time, and exams are definitely one of them, but I'm sure you'll be fine if you take it a step at a time :)

Am just about to quit (final time now) and I can tell you that fags are horrible, there's not hing relaxing about them except they stop th crave smoking the last one gave you!!


Welcome - day 12 is awesome! You are doing fantastically and I'd say signing up here is a good move - loads of us in the same position to offer support and encouragement to each other, and then there are the successes who have completed the journey - the 1 year plus quitters who are still around to inspire and role model

Good luck and hope to "see" you around




Absolutely no need to feel stupid :). This is a really friendly forum and you'll find loads of inspiration and support here.

And congratulations on Day 12- you're doing wonderfully well. I'm sure you'll do equally as well in your exams too :D

And lovely to meet you by the way. :)


How nice that people are so warm and friendly and don't mind listening to other people! Thankyou for your lovely responses!x


Welcome SJW, 12 days is a great start, a good base to build on. Post on here loads, this forum's got me to where I am :)


Welcome to the forum SJ and well done getting to 12 days...just remember doing them over again would be a pain in the backside :)


Hey SJW :D

I think we must've quit on or about the same day. So well done us!!!

Stick with the REALLY helps knowing you can talk with people who are quitting/have quit.




Well done on ur 12 days especially not caving with your exams looming that's b-loody good going, there are so many of us quitting at around the same time that we can all support each other, plus all the old hands are on here too for things we don't know about yet :D xx


I've just 'race-walked' all the home from my exam in an attempt not to jump into the first shop I saw. I think I've found my calling! Is it still an olympic event?


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