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No Smoking Day
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Sugarpuff is on Day 3!!

Hello fellow day 3ers and all quitters.

It's day 3 and all going well. Obsessional thinking is rife and I feel I'm cheating somewhat as I have the ecig, but I haven't smoked! Also we had a bit of a domestic crisis last night and I still DID NOT SMOKE. To be honest, the thought of breathing disgusting filth into my lungs is fast becoming a non option.

Yay! On the way....:D

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You're not cheating at all man. Everybody has their ways of quitting the habit. I decided to go cold turkey this time because around a year ago I tried to quit via e-cig but it was just the "hand to mouth" motion that came with it that didn't let me go.

As long as no nicotine. rat poison, jet fuel, whateverelsethose*******sputincigerattes smoke is going into your lungs then you're doing fine!

Hey, did I mention you smell better? :D


Well done - that's a big hurdle to get over and you did it - way to go :)


You're doing GREAT, SugarP :D

3 days is a brilliant achievement so far...doubly so given the domestic crisis, and tomorrow will be even more so.

Keep it up!!


Day 3 already Sugar P......well done you :)


SugarP :) expect that is what we will call you now :

Am I the 'official' forum nicknamer then, lol?

This'll be the 2nd one now, after renaming our beloved Cupster :)

Sugar P.....

Question: Answered :D

SugarP ------- keep it up. It CAN be easy if you LET IT.


SugarP is cool and unexpectedly sexy for a 61 year old. however I am still a party animal and refuse to take up knitting until I am going on 89 and then with reservations and the right shade of wool. I wanna stay 'smokin' not smoking - if you get my drift.

Hold me close to your bosoms while I fight this monster. We can deal with the alcolhol later. Thank you all for being here.

Up the Freedom Fighters...Yeah!!!!!


Hi Sugar p.

Yes it is cool

After reading your post the other day it did touch me, very well done

for getting this far.:D

Obsessive thinking is ok I think, because im finding myself doing it

I try to think positive. The negative thoughts do appear but I then

think something positive, and you can only think one thing at a time:confused:


Loving SugarP :)

Whatever way works for you is good enough IMO, we are not here to judge only to support each other so b-loody well done!

Up the FF'ers :D


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