Sugarpuff is on Day 3!!

Hello fellow day 3ers and all quitters.

It's day 3 and all going well. Obsessional thinking is rife and I feel I'm cheating somewhat as I have the ecig, but I haven't smoked! Also we had a bit of a domestic crisis last night and I still DID NOT SMOKE. To be honest, the thought of breathing disgusting filth into my lungs is fast becoming a non option.

Yay! On the way....:D

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  • You're not cheating at all man. Everybody has their ways of quitting the habit. I decided to go cold turkey this time because around a year ago I tried to quit via e-cig but it was just the "hand to mouth" motion that came with it that didn't let me go.

    As long as no nicotine. rat poison, jet fuel, whateverelsethose*******sputincigerattes smoke is going into your lungs then you're doing fine!

    Hey, did I mention you smell better? :D

  • Well done - that's a big hurdle to get over and you did it - way to go :)

  • You're doing GREAT, SugarP :D

    3 days is a brilliant achievement so far...doubly so given the domestic crisis, and tomorrow will be even more so.

    Keep it up!!

  • Day 3 already Sugar P......well done you :)

  • SugarP :) expect that is what we will call you now :

    Am I the 'official' forum nicknamer then, lol?

    This'll be the 2nd one now, after renaming our beloved Cupster :)

    Sugar P.....

    Question: Answered :D

    SugarP ------- keep it up. It CAN be easy if you LET IT.

  • SugarP is cool and unexpectedly sexy for a 61 year old. however I am still a party animal and refuse to take up knitting until I am going on 89 and then with reservations and the right shade of wool. I wanna stay 'smokin' not smoking - if you get my drift.

    Hold me close to your bosoms while I fight this monster. We can deal with the alcolhol later. Thank you all for being here.

    Up the Freedom Fighters...Yeah!!!!!

  • Hi Sugar p.

    Yes it is cool

    After reading your post the other day it did touch me, very well done

    for getting this far.:D

    Obsessive thinking is ok I think, because im finding myself doing it

    I try to think positive. The negative thoughts do appear but I then

    think something positive, and you can only think one thing at a time:confused:

  • Loving SugarP :)

    Whatever way works for you is good enough IMO, we are not here to judge only to support each other so b-loody well done!

    Up the FF'ers :D

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