No Smoking Day
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Been for my pre operation assessment today

Went for my operation pre assessment today

Got to the part where they asked about smoking and very proudly announced that I was 9 weeks into my quit and told them very firmly that I will be taking my patches in with me. They laughed and said that was fine by them

Just waiting for the little devil to pop his ugly head up and have a whisper in my ear but so far he has not appeared. If he does I will knock him down again and stamp on him, no room for his whispers

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Love it, I had to go to chest clinic about 6 weeks into my quit, I was as proud as punch when I said I hadn't smoked for 40 days! It's such an awesome moment when you can say I Don't Smoke. Onwards and upwards now ;) And if the stinky little git does rear his ugly head, give him a mighty good slap and remind him how rude it is to whisper !


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