month 3

Well here i am moved all my stuff into month 3

Just finding my way round my new surroundings.

Sure i will be very here during my brief stay.

All going well and still taking baby steps. One day at a time.

Not missing the cigs but do still think of them at times but no cravings.

Walked into a shop today and some body must have walked in just before i did as all i could smell was stinky stale cig smoke. Yuck

2 Replies

  • Congratulations!! :):):)

    You've done so well and should be very, very proud of yourself.

    It's so inspiring to see people moving into new rooms. :D

  • Well done and welcome to your new room, WTSN! Just keep doing what you're doing and a set of keys to the penthouse will be yours. You've got a good solid quit going on and a brilliant attitude towards it and that is exactly what is required for success! Well done! :D



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