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Just a post to share my views


Hi all. Well as I said in my previous post I hit 8 weeks today. Just wanted to give my views at this stage. Firstly before this quit, I had basically accepted the fact I would never give up. I had smoked for 20 years and the thought of not ever having a cig again made me feel cold and anxious. I had made half hearted attempts to quit with no conviction and the quit lasted 48 hours max. I would even be the sort of person who while smoking, would be thinking about my next cig - madness!!

November 16 last year wasn't a date I had any personal attachment to. I had no friends or family with that birth date. However that was the day I last smoked. I didn't even plan to quit that day and I didn't hold some sort of solemn ritual for that last fag.

The early days were a nightmare and my early posts here were basically me moaning and saying I was crawling up the walls! This forum has been such a godsend for me. No matter how much I moaned, there was support out there.

In the early days of my quit, I would see posts of people saying they had hit month 1,2 or 6 for example and I thought there was no way I would ever be able to say that. But now I am entering month 3!!

Yes it's been tough, there were times when I almost caved and on one occasion I walked back and forth past a newsagents (madness) but I am so happy to have made it. I won't lie - I still think about cigs but i do feel it's getting easier.

Thanks for reading and sorry it turned into an essay. Again huge thanks to the support on this forum!!

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Well done woody!

Its' a good place to be isn't it! so pleased to read you have got to this point, the next battle is not to be too complacent, you never know whats round the corner!

You must be so pleased with your quit so far-a fellow quitter is proud of you too...yehhhh!!! xxx:D

Woody that is a great post and shows how far you have come. It does get easier and easier so you have the hardest part behind you now. You have also just got through the festive season and all the partying that goes with that. That means that you are now well equipped to dig in with this quit and make it stick.

Well done to you and a pat on the back and some sort of reward with the money you have saved is in order I think.:)

Good post and can totally empathise.... in past quits I have done the whole walking past the newsagents 6 times although invariably I went in :eek: your determination and willpower has got you where you are today you should be extremely proud of yourself, well done :) x

Thanks for your replies of support!

Well done Woody your story is so familiar smoking for nearly a quarter of a century and thinking I would never give up and yes walking past the shop feeling like I was being drawn in by a ray gun . A sticky moment that you and Me both had a narrow escape from. sends shivers down my spine .keep on keeping on.


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