No Smoking Day
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Since there isn't a section for "I've Failed" I guess here is the best place:confused:

I have smoked 3 cigarettes.

Why did I fail?

I guess the reason doesn't really matter, let's call it domestic, an argument! Though I recognise this is the excuse rather than the reason.

Managed yesterday to retreat to bed and not smoke. Not today :(

What did I learn?

That I used this (not unforeseeable argument) as a convenient excuse to stop the quit and shift the blame.

That whilst I smoked the cigarettes I was very upset, making them symbolic of something they are not - they are just evil cancer sticks!!

That I made a stupid, no win mental bargain with myself as early as yesterday that IF things were fine when I got in from work I wouldn't smoke, if they weren't I would.....

That on the way home I bought a packet of 10 in anticipation of things being bad - which they were/are and in doing so set myself up to fail and subsequently did so!

That whatever my heart tells me, I'm only hurting me with this failure.

That I knew i wouldn't get much support so should have been better prepared.

I guess I draw a line and boot myself back to day 1 but optimism and self esteem are low at the moment, I don't want to get trapped in a week 1 circle :eek::eek:

Where has the woman from last Saturday gone???

Line drawn


And re-focus



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Hi Mina

Your doing the right thing - draw a line and start again, most people have quit a few times before they get they a forever quit.

Dust yourself down and start again - you can do it!


It's what's called a blip. :)


Flip the blip I say!

thank you :p


Flip the blip I say!

thank you :p

What about blip the flip ???? :p


You are over-estimating how supple I am ! :D


Thank you :)

I hadn't expected the emotional withdrawal stuff - better prepared now, be back tomorrow, failing felt very lonely, very empty - I'm 100% sure I want to quit, am ready to quit, had NEVER thought of it as being a psychological battle - only YOU lot here know I have failed - this will help tomorrow - my work mates, at least, are 100% behind me - if I make it to June 30th they will donate total of £625 to charity of my choice......for now I will spare them my fail, even if it is a lie, it's a white one!


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