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Man v Fags: Day 3

Hello hello.

Here we are then. 2 days 19 hours down :)

Not much to talk about really. My cravings continue to be minor.

By the way, I just did some sums.

Before Monday I had smoked 30+ fags every day for 23 years...

...which works out as over 250,000 ciggies in total :eek::eek::eek:

A quarter of a bl**dy million! How scary is that!

So surely it's not possible that my nic-demon was nowt but a li'l

bully who sloped off as soon as I stood up to him? Doubtful, of

course, but I certainly seem to be winning the mental battle at

the moment.

It doesn't even feel like a battle (famous last words).

One update from yesterday. I changed the time I applied my

patch (I was putting it on last thing at night, but now I'm putting

it on first thing in the morning)...and had a full night's sleep last

night. Max Kirsten continues to send me to sleep.

Onwards and upwards.

Thanks as always for your support, everyone. You're awesome!



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Do the sums for the money - it's even scarier. I reckon I've spent abut £50,000 with Philip Morris and Imperial Tobacco. And I have the nerve to twine about my chronic homelessness? It's a disgrace.

I could buy a nice little apartment on some sunny Costa for that.

Dearie me.


Well done Steve! You're doing wonderfully. Pummel that bully mercilessly say I :D

Declan- you're sounding remarkably like someone who intends to continue with a q**t (but I didn't say that obviously :))


Those are scary numbers. I have been smoking for over 20 years at 20 cigs a day, both the volume and the money spent are frightening :eek:

Well done on Day 3, look forward to seeing you in Day 4 tomorrow :D


Thanks again all.

Yes, the numbers are the feck can a living organism SURVIVE such brutal and systematic poisoning???

We must be hard as nails :)

Just as well!




That's a really good observation, Steve! When you think of how perfectly the human body is designed to work, and the amount of effort we put in to trying to trying to stop it working so well. Not just fags but coffee, beer, sugar, you name it. Nearly half my weekly shop used to be poisons.

We are surely the only species that does that. It's nuts.


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