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Help I keep failing!!!

Hi, I have smoked for the past 14years, smoking about 30 roll ups a day. Decided New years day would be the day for me. 1st jan - 0 fags, 2nd-2fags, 3rd -1fag , 4th-0fags, 5th- got an electronic fag, one puff! 6th- couple of puffs of nicolite and today 7th I failed and had a roll up again. I am finding it so hard.

I work on a farm so during the day I am kept busy so dont have time to think about it, its when I get home in the evening it gets so difficult. I have tried cleaning, watching a film, doing a crossword etc but nothing helps!

I will not allow myself to start smoking again as in 30 a day. Anyone else out there failed and if so how did you get back to not having any?

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Aww poor you - don't be too hard on yourself. This is a hard fought battle!

I agree with doodles - bed! Early nights are the way forward!

Good luck and keep strong!

Have a hug



I can relate to this after unsuccesful attempts in the past, my main thing is keeping busy and like the others said failing that get an early night... I found the best thing was to re-write my routine so as not to be reminded, i.e I have now started a study course after work and re-joined the gym...

Stay strong and hope this may be of some help :)




Mate, I can so relate to this. In my case it might be a few days without any, then a few, then off for a week or two and then a few again. In the past I've been off them for over 3 years, but fell back again.

Currently on 143 days (I'm not counting them, my phone app does though) and I wish I could say there's an easy way that works for everyone - there isn't. I cycle to work and back every day and for the first week or two I listened to A. Carr's Easy Way to Stop on my Ipod as I was cycling and I found that a really helpful way to keep me motivated.

I still have the odd craving but pretty well over them now I think


I quit on 31 December 2013 and have really struggled and failed a few times since then. I dont generally smoke during the day but it is the evenings that get me.

I have got advice from the good people on this site and have thought about my quit alot over the last 24 hours, the main reason why I havent got it right yet (although I am now on Day 2 :) ) is that my head was not really into the quit. It is important to get the head in the right place to want to quit, and that is what I am working on now, reading threads on this site and books will help that.

It takes time as people have told me and I will get this quit working.

I believe I will quit, and it will make me a happier person.

Today I will not smoke.


try and keep yourself busy and your mind off the fags

Try and go to smoke free places

they are the easiest tricks

I joined the gym to help motivate me, cant smoke in the gym and you are more determined not to get out of breath so quickly so its another reason to pack in the fags

When you get a crave remember why you are quitting and take control of the habit. Dont let it control you

Good Luck



thanks guys! I do so much running and lifting heavy things all day in my job, that I feel gym is not needed! Plus I live on an island where there is no gym! 2mins on a ferry and I am in town though! I went out for a walk with my dogs last ngiht and tackled a big hill (one of the hills I hate as its a killer) I got to the top and i wasnt out of breath. I can really see the difference already.

Night time is so hard, tried the early night, hot bath etc, doesnt stop me thinking about just having that one smoke! I can sit there and think, I will not smoke, then the wee monster in my head says to me, why not!? Who says you cant have a fag, so I think well I will then!! Its also harder where I live as theres not much on at night, I can go visit my friend but that involves a 2mile quad bike journey on really bad roads in this horrible weather. So usually come home make my dinner, dogs are walked then I come in for night and all I think about is SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE!!! Ahhh! I have done so well by giving up 29 fags to just one after all those years. I am trying not to put pressure on myself but I need to say goodbye to that final one! I wish I could just click my fingers!!


Purely out of nosiness, whereabouts do you live? It sounds like one of those places that seem idyllic to anyone who doesn't live there :)

Poor you- I can see the problem. Could you develop a suitable hobby? Wood carving or making flies for fly fishing or painting, or weaving or something? Anything which means you have to engage your hands and your brain...


an island just of the west coast. it is lovely! But glad you understand why nights are hard!!


Are you off the west coast of Scotland?

And yes- I can understand why the nights are hard. How did you get on last night? :)


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