No Smoking Day
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Uh oh, day 4 = quitulence, apparently

At least I was prepared for this bit... my stomach is making some incredible noises today!

Didn't sleep at all last night so my brain is rather fuzzy today, but I am cosied up on the sofa with a duvet, tea, and Adventure Time so I will surely live :)

I am enjoying taking deeper breaths than I've been able to muster in years, my stuffy, runny nose has practically disappeared, and my eyes feel a lot nicer than when I was smoking. Lush! I'm sure I'll feel like rubbish later but hopefully I can manage to stay awake today and just have an early night tonight (famous last words...)

Wishing everyone the best on their 4th day (or any other day, for that matter)

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Hi Scarlett!

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better already!

Have a brill day 4 :)

Michelle xxx


Freedom Fighters rule the world :D

It is actually amazing / worrying how much smoking actually effects the body. Breathing, digestion, regularity (yuk) circulation, etc - and the mental side of the little cancer sticks - devious planning ahead for the next fix, ignoring the smell and health hazards etc etc.

All this changes when you quit - but it takes a period of time before your body accepts the changes. :eek:


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