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HIya Everyone

Just to let you know Im still quit, its now 3 months and 10 days.

Things have been a bit hectic and I think I may have lost my job so not a good end to the year for me. To be honest I hate where I work, I hate so much about it so it might do me and my illness some good to be out of there.

Im concentrating on getting well but will be looking for a new job as soon as I know the outcome to the end of this one. I cant be out of work it will drive me mad, plus I like to spend money too much to not have any.

Anyway, I still haven't done the running thing, the air has been too cold. I know that sounds stupid but with copd any drastic changes in the air temp just sets me off on a coughing fit. IM hoping to join the local gym, again once I know about my job I thought that maybe using a treadmill would be a good way to start.

So anyhoo I hope you have all had a good, smoke free Christmas and that your new year will see you stay strong and save all that money that you haven't burned.

Much Love

Lillie xxx

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Hello Lillie-so sorry to hear you may have lost your job-It isn't easy out there at the moment, stay focused and keep strong-hope you find your dream job real soon xxx


Hi Lillie - so sorry to hear about your job especially this time of year - to stay quit with all that takes some doing - hats off to you :)


Hi Lillie only just seen this post...was wondering where you had gone...well done with the quit keep it up...sorry to hear about the job hope things work out for you..xx


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