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What do I do?

Hey guys, I was not sure where to post this. Before I get into the advice I need... heres a little back story.

I'm 19 and come from an insanely rich family, my folks always worked abroad and so were never around but they do care - and they're great if not extremely strict...

When I was about 16, I started realising the benefits of being alone and having lots of money. I dived head first into drugs, alcohol and smoking. Fast forward 4 years and I was a coke addict, meth addict, vicodin, codeine, alcoholic and chain smoker. Some were at different periods, but vicodin, alcohol, coke and smoking were a constant throughout the 4 years. I never worried about the next batch because I had them at my finger tips. I was smoking 50 cigs a day before I turned 17.

Anyway, my folks are back now and have seen the state I'm in... 2 and a half years ago I was 16 stone, now I'm 8 stone 2 lbs (At 6.1ft, BMI is almost 15), I look like a corpse.. eye bags etc etc.. It really is shocking tbh.

They flew me to the U.S for some rehab centre, that was 2 weeks ago. I've come out now and I feel great... The only problem is they want the cigs to go, I compromised and now have shifted to E-cigs, but they're not happy and want them gone ASAP.

I'm scared if I kick nicotine so soon after the others I'll lose my last crutch and relapse. Are they wrong to ask this of me so soon? Am I wrong? Should I ditch it immediately or give it time?

I know I probably should do it when I'm comfortable, but I'll never feel that comfortable lol.


P.S Sorry for alot of irrelevant material - I'm aware this isn't a drug use forum but its far, far more difficult to quit so soon after the others and felt this needed to be explained to guage a proper understanding of what I should do. I have Law exams next week, I've been into the Law school like 4 times in a year and no nothing, I'm studying now and it should be fine but if I quit now will it effect me in terms of concentration and effort?

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What do I do?

Hello mrE94,

Having read your post with some awe,given the list of addictions that your dealing with my advice would be to continue to use the E-cigarette for the time being as your other addictions are much more serious not to say expensive.

My reasons for giving this advice is that your nervous system is going to be assaulted with withdrawal effects as you wean yourself off the other substances. This advice might seem contrary to the aims of the forum but believe me the comfort of a cigarette will help you as you set out on your road to be addiction free and I speak from my experience of withdrawing from alcohol. I honestly don't believe I could have dealt with quitting smoking and drinking concurrently.

Best of luck with getting your life back on track

Michael,recovering alki and ex-smoker in Glasgow


I was a secret smoker. So Ive been using patches to help me quit, sometimes if I get super bad craves I have a nicotine lozenge mint. That usually helps boost my spirits. My parents cant see the patches as they are under my clothes and they dont stink either and the lozenges are just like mints that I pop in my pocket.

I wish you good luck



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