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very happy to enter second month!!

Hi. Never thought I would legitimately be able to join the month 2 group!! 31 days off the cigs and still going strong. Still find some days tough but there's no way I want to go back to smoking

Is it weird to say that I almost feel protective of my 31 days abstinence. Like its something I need to protect and not let anything harm it! Longest quit I ever did before was 6 days and that was the usual "quit on jan 1st" that I have attempted every new year with no conviction whatsoever.

This time I will be facing new years with 6 weeks quit and so jan 1 will just be another smoke free day.

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Awww, well done woody!!! really pleased for you-get that first month done and it just gets better all the time, you must be so proud xxx;)


Thanks. Yes going to keep going. Love saying I am a non smoker. Still get cravings but not going to go back to day 1


I know exactly what you mean about being protective! thats a brilliant sign I think because it shows how much this quit means to you. More than likely you have been doing alot of fighting to get to 31 days and why bother fighting for something you didnt want anyways?

Be protective! If you are in a situation where you feel you may be compromised then always remove yourself, even if that means leaving the pub early or what ever!

Very well done, hard graft is over now its just maintaining your position now and working on being comfortable :D xxx


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