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day 11- patches

I think im having a reaction to these patches. I am just going to try it back on the top of my arm today as i have been wearing them on my lower arm/wrists.

I took it off last night and it was like insect bites. Sooo itchy too!

I think my worst craving is the one first thing in the morning on the way to work before I put on my patch, so the patches definitely work for me.

Maybe I should try a different brand.....

Is anyone experienced with patches?

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i did that on my first quit because it was summer and i wanted to hide them :D

I didnt have a problem with those ones but they were different brand so maybe thats why.

........maybe if the top of my arm fails today, I should see if they react on my boobicles :p


Ive got the 16 hour ones this time, I had the 24 hr ones last time

I find the clear ones dont stick as well as the other ones.

I like the circle ones, I might ask my nurse for those next, if I cant get on with these clear ones

I Just used my stop smoking money to buy the new PS3 game for my other half, blimmin £60 what a rip off for a disc!!


Good Morning Max, how are you today? :)


Why thank you kind sir! :p

Im getting the pre lunch crave, I used to have one before and one after lunch.

Lozenge time!


i swear these blasted NRT things are meant to frustrate you.

you cant open patches without scissors and its hard to rattle out a lozenge from a tiny hole.

Why do they design these things like this!!

Ok lozenge in, anger fading


Haha yeah it was definitely one of those moments where the world was against me :p

Loving your profile picture by the way kat! :D

I will try the waving technique though I may look abit odd. Heck I might sing shake it shake it shake it shake it like a polaroid picture! heyyyyya

Im in an odd mood, must be the galaxy ripple i just ate :D


Yep patches come in steps and they get smaller as the weeks go on. Step 1 is big and the last dose is step 3 and they are tiny.

Im on step 2 as I didnt really smoke tooo much. I wasnt a 40 a day person or anything, but nights out ohhh I smoked like a guy on a bonfire!


oooooOOOh sorry I see now :)

thats quite a good idea :D


Yeah im getting red patches but recently they have gone like insect bites when i take them off.

I have had lots of great advice here today, its been fab :D and I thank you all

Yes Karri I am feeling alot better today :D

I found it hard at the gym last night, its amazing how much you notice how much it affects you just after one blip!

Just had my afternoon Non-Fag break, a nice bourbon biscuit and a failed attempt of internet xmas shopping..... but oh well I smell super good for it lol


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