No Smoking Day
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Still getting cravings!

Went to another concert last night, and of course the cravings came on again. They were weaker than a couple of weeks ago where they nearly made me crazy, but I easily could have smoked and probably wouldn't even have cared at that point. I don't think my next concert will be for a while, but I'm going to have to be careful!

My new goals are:

1. Get to New Years Day smoke free - (This is a week before my 6 month mark so it's a good marker for me)

2. Put my new non-smoker lungs to good use by exercising.

3. This one is for rex - Buy a new TV. (This one may be a penthouse gift to myself, (or maybe I should take a trip to the UK?:o))

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John - Target dates are what really helped me get to where I am now, plus I tied it to the birth of my daughter so it was a really big priority for me. Also, I set it far enough away that by the time I got there, I was well into my quit. I quit July 8 and I set my goal for 7 weeks to be nicotine free and crave free. As you can see the craving problem is ongoing, but at least by that time they were easily managed.

New York is an amazing place, my sister lives there. I've visited quite a few times and am astounded every time I go. I'd go any chance I could too. I don't do motorcycles but would love to rent a convertible and drive the pacific highway, that sounds like a great experience I should put on my list.

Debbie - I do like my concerts, maybe there is a music festival somewhere in England in August? ;) I've been to Italy and Japan so far, and next I would like to go to England and Ireland when I get a chance.


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