I made it to week 3

Hi All

I made it to week 3. At times it has been a hellish 3 weeks. I have checked and rechecked my handbags, pockets, car so many times..... like a packet will materialize! Have day-dreamed someone offering me a cigarette. Worst of all, thinkng of being diagnosed with some terminal disease and spending my last days smoking. BUT, logic and common sense eventually (!?!) take over and searching in my hearts of hearts, i know I am on the right road. It really is not worth relapsing. Like a lot of ex-smokers, I seriously questioned if I am someone without my cigarette - cigerettes are so 'me' as my favorite perfume (which I have been using since it was launched back in the 70s, Revlon Charlie, blue - used every other day; discontinued now, but have a stash of 20 bottles, a ration of 1 bottle for every year I probably have left..... living beyond 77, I will change my signature perfume!!).... oh, I digress, back to smoking, I really am someone without them or else I wouldn't have survived these 3 weeks. Hopefully I will remain a non-smoker. I am weak where smoking is concerned and reading how easy it is to relapse, like alcoholics, we have to think, and admit, that we are smokers for life and hence must exercise strength for how long we have before pushing up the daisies!

A very big thank you to this website, couldn't have done it otherwise. It has been my salvation, my strength.

Bless you all


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  • Well done firefly! you are indeed on the right road, and hopefully three weeks is long enough to give you the knowledge that you really, genuinely CAN do this. Just keep going down the yellow-quit road, one day to the next, and as max and Kat have said it is so worth it. Hope you're proud! :)

  • Well done firefly, you are doing so well. I am on day three today too. If you to quick links and then into social , you will find a November group, you should join us because we can keep each other company.. I am proud of myself today, I was alone last night with three smokers, and I didn't smoke, I had lots of opportunity, but that would be only fooling myself. I woke up proud of myself today.

  • You know the saying another day another dollar? well here in Ireland for me it was €10, :eek:( or more)

  • Hi All

    Reading your replies, I had to stop and acknowledge that I should be proud of myself. In all honesty and when in a craving mode, all I thought of myself was I was a coward, in that if I loved smoking so much, they were worth taking a risk with my health! But now it's all falling into place, I am on the other side. Can't undo the past, but future is mine and smoke-free it should be and hopefully will be. I am seeing the rewards, money apart, my breathing is better, no whizzing, no coughing, my clothes don't stink, no yellow stains on fingers, no mad rush to find a place to smoke, no nasty looks from people, no annoying lectures from people, no embarrassment in front of doctors when you admit to smoking (and lie about how many!). Sure I could develop something smoke-related, but I knew that all along the years - not a good enough reason to remain a smoker. Only way to look at it, it's a win win situation.

    This brings to mind a film: Educating Rita. She says quitting smoking is for cowards and yet as film develops, she gives them up! I should have realized then not to imortalise the line about being a coward to stop. What an idiot I have been!

    Once again, A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all. A really couldn't have done it without all your support.


    PS: will try and find the November Club!

  • oops, you are right Karrie, I ment day one of week three. As you get to know me you will realise I am a complete muppet.

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