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A few words to hopefully help

Ok day one-ers!! I wanted to say good luck!!

When I first quit I used this forum a LOT!! Today I couldn't remember my log in details!!! Times have changed so much!!

I quit 11 months ago and still going strong and actually now I don't really get any cravings!! In fact I know I will never EVER smoke again!

Day one came and went about 10 times. I would smoke 20 the day before and clear cigs out of my house and yet by 930 the next day be at the shop buying more!! I smoked on and off for 20 years up to 20 a day

Then suddenly I did it. Attempt 11 in about 15 days I think, but I cracked day one, day two and three were easy, then it got harder, about day 11 was my crisis day, how could it not be two weeks already!!??

Then suddenly 'the quit' doesn't become your sole focus. You realise you haven't thought about it for 5 mins, 10 mins even half an hour.

Now? Now as I say I can't remember the forum URL my login or the date I quit. I remember smoking made me cough, smell and spend money! Yes maybe I have put on a few pounds but for a secret smoker it's amazing how many people have noticed a difference in me without knowing why .. 'You look healthier/ happier etc'

Don't give yourself a hard time if you don't manage it on day one, you have time to try again, I went cold turkey and strongly believe it's the best way if you can but if not no worries do whatever helps you!

What so I miss? Nothing .. I look at those smokers in the rain and wish they could stop too, life is so much happier, things taste better and you are so much warmer too!!

Good luck, seriously I am so weak. If I can do it, you all can too! TVH x

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Excellent post TVH.

As smokers it is very easy to think you feel fine and therefore be inclined to dismiss the evangelical rantings of a reformed smoker.

Well wake up and believe it, because it's TRUE!! To anyone teetering on the edge of a quit - do it, and you will be astounded at how much better you feel in just a few short weeks.

Increased stamina, increased energy, increased bank balance... the list goes on and on.

Like TVH I'm coming up to a year quit - the calendar says I'm a year older, but I feel ten years younger.

Just take the bull by the horns, show your demon who is in control, and GO FOR IT!


Echoed Egg, great post Tvh!

I wouldn't go so far as saying I've forgotten my quit date :eek:, but it's true - the physical and emotional benefits can be quite startling. I think it was a weekend in or around February, a couple of months in that I got my first genuine taste of what I'd been missing. The clarity of what life was really going to be like as a non-smoker. I may well have laughed out loud at that point, it was truly remarkable :D.

I'm really pleased for you and great encouragement!


4 years

Hi, I remember my quit day it was 4 years ago today 2nd December 2009. I can tell you the thing most furthest from my mind now is smoking.

Unfortunately I smoked for 52 years so even now I am suffering. I have emphysema and Chronic obstructory pulmonary disease (COPD) all caused by smoking. I have lots of breathing problems and have to take medication inhalers ect. But I have never regretted stopping smoking I did not plan it it just happened. I won't kid you the first few months can be hell but I did a day at a time.

I am now a retired driving instructor now (19 days) and although I am 67 I retired because of ill health. I had 6 driving tests on the 2nd Dec 99 and decided while the pupils were away on test I would try not to smoke and I didn't. I went 6 hours without a cig then as a reward I allowed myself to have one.

I had some time to spare so I put my head back in the car for half an hour then without thinking got out the car and lit a cig. Then I thought what am I doing I don't need this and chucked it away. I thought to myself can I go another 6 hours and I did through to 10pm then had a cig. The next day I had 2 lessons in the morning so decided to try not to smoke till I had done them. I did this and came home at lunch time then decided not to smoke until after the next 3 pupils. Which again I did so I went through that day until 10pm without smoking well that was 24 hours. I decided not to have a cig and I did this day by day a few hours at a time I never told my self I was stopping smoking just that I was trying to go for a certain time without one. The hours went into days the days into weeks the the weeks into months and now it's years.

It's not easy I know it's not but we all brainwash ourselves, how many people say I love to stop smoking but I KNOW I CAN'T!!

I wish you all luck I don't come on here very often now simply because I no longer think of smoking. That is not a brag it's simply a fact and it is how you will be one day. Believe you can and maybe you will.



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