No Smoking Day
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Just saying hi

As the title suggests! Currently at 3 days 23 hours and feeling ok

Been checking out this forum since Monday morning and so glad I've

Found it as I think I may be able to do this with a little help

From all u lovely folks on here. Doing this for health reasons

And the fact that I genuinely am not enjoying being a social

Leper anymore. Looking forward to sharing in all your experiences

Good and bad x

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Thanks folks I think this forum might get me through this fingers

And toes and eyes crossed I can do this. I think I've started

Too well and I'll need that rant soon but I know where to come x


Hello Rosie, welcome. I am just a few days ahead of you so am new here too. There is a November December section , you will find it if you go to quick links, here at the top of the page, and then social , click that and you will find the ll,12, 13, club, which is the November December club. There are a few of us who quit in November so we can be there for each other. Do come and join us. The club was only set up today so we are trying to fill the seats. :lol:


Thank you I'll pop over there and join in too...any help or

Distraction I get is most welcome x


I know exactly what you mean, I am doing that too, just poking into everything to keep myself busy and my brain occupied. I am glad though now that I have passed the trying to pass the hours, and am now passing the days , to be honest the triggers are happening less now , once you pass something that had you usually wanting to smoke, you don't find it as bad the next time. Mind you there are triggers coming at me from the most unusual places, times I didn't even realise I smoked. Glad now I am better off without it. I am looking forward to going to the movies, won't have to stand outside to have just one more before I go in, and I can enjoy the movie without thinking, come on get on with it I want to smoke........ phew, now it can go on all night if it wants....... :D


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