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Day 17

I am happy to announce, I am still tobacco free! I'm doing ok. Yesterday I was at a friends house and she had company over. One was a smoker. This was my first time being around a smoker since I quit. I have to admit.. the smell doesn't stink to me yet. It smelled good!! I had a stronger craving then I had in awhile and it lasted longer then usual. I know smoking stinks!! I have smelled the horrible smell when I was a smoker.. but in this level of quitting.. It doesn't stink to me yet!

I know I can do this. It isn't always easy though.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Quit 11/11/13 at 4:15pm

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Congrats Heather!! That's really good. I sometimes like the smell of a lit ciggie but hate the smell of stale smoke on a smoker.

Happy thanksgiving to you!



Brilliant News, I could quite happily "sniff" tobacco smoke but like Sarah the stale stench on a smoker makes me gag, especially cigar smoke :(, you will eventually be able to tolerate and then ignore the smell without a craving - Keep strong ;)


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