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oh dear.......:(


I find myself on here for first time, as I really needed to 'talk' to someone, 4 weeks to the day, and last night I fell off the wagon. Late night, too much wine and son left his cigarettes on the side....cant believe I was so weak, but its helped to see Im not on my own. Only hope I can stop obsessing about the failure and get back to the feeling of pride and confidence I had experienced for the last 4 weeks,....:confused:

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Aww that's a shame!!

Don't beat yourself up about it though, it will only make you feel worse!!

Maybe try to learn from it and not make the same mistake again :)

Ooh and welcome!!

thanks Gemma, its good to talk. Just negotiating my way around the site, but it looks like a great support.


thanks Gemma, its good to talk. Just negotiating my way around the site, but it looks like a great support.


You're very welcome :)

It's a brilliant site with lots of lovely people who can help you, or you can just come on for a rant if you need to!!

Hi and welcome Linda!

Yep, I joined for a similar reason, the need to talk and feel part of a community that understood why I was climbing the walls and shared my hopes and fears.

Now...there are a few ding-dongs every now and then :rolleyes: but in the main are a supportive bunch, which is great as we're dealing with emotive subjects here namely health, life and death and addicition. Oh and money. And wine. And cake, and housework and holidays and films and some very riskly stuff over on the general forum :eek:.

But hey, that's life and Gemma's right, no need to beat yourself up about this unless you want to and it serves a purpose for you. However you can't have one cigarette, end of story, not allowed - so treat this as the one and only blip and a lesson learned. Back in the saddle please!! :)

thanks Max- you are completely right of course. In meantime, will ask my son NOT to leave his cigs around - am so hoping that once he has seen I have done it and stuck at it, it might inspire him too :)


:D that made me smile and thank you. Yes the one and only blip it will be...

Hi Linda, as the others have said you get straight back on that quit and YES you may very well inspire your son to quit too. I hope so:)

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