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Progress is slow today


:( Every day is a new day. Some days are easier than others. During my first week, I thought about smoking/quitting every minute of every day. This week, I am definitely thinking about it less which is great.. but it is leaving me less defensive when the cravings do strike. I’ve been smoking the e-cig more then I want to. I was doing so good and hardly using it at all and then a stressful household has me using it as a crutch again last night and this morning. I’m not using it nearly that much, in comparison to how many smokes I use to smoke in a day, but it still has me feeling like progress is slow today! 

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Thanks Max. I don’t necessarily like the e-cig so I’m not worried about getting addicted to it.. but I will be wary of it! My beginning plan was to only use it for the first 2 weeks-1month.

Today’s been a rough day!! Tomorrow is a new day! Good thoughts.

Nite all!

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