No Smoking Day
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I'm going OK

I'll soon be starting day 10! I have to admit, for me; week one was the worse!! Week two has not been as bad.. so far. I feel more in control of myself and i'm finding strength in determination!! :)

One day at a time! Every day I make it through gets me one day closer to my goal!!

I found one way to help me is to try to associate smoking as something gross! So whenever I have an urge I try to smash it by making myself feel guilty about indulging the the dirty habit for all those years.

20yrs a smoker.. this is only my second time in 20yrs that I really tried to quit. The last time I made it two weeks.. today, I'm on day 10!! I can do this!! I will beat this addiction!! A new me is coming!! :)

Using an e-cig to help. I find it very helpful. I went from using it like a real cigarette to using it only 3 times yesterday!

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Well done for getting to day 10 Heather!!

The hard bit is definatly over, just keep telling yourself your proud to be a none smoker


Thank you all for your positive words and support! It means a lot to me. Some days quitting isnt all that hard.. other days, I am my own worst enemy!


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