No Smoking Day
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Day 2

As advised by AnEggIsAnEgg I've done some reading, knowledge and desire, knowledge and desire.

A little harder today but managable at the moment.

Already looking ahead to the weekend... I know I'm going to have to keep myself away from going out drinking/seeing smoking buddies, the temptation is hard enough as it is, let alone having a few beers to help influence it.

One day at a time none the less!


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Yep,'ve got to keep plodding on with's the only way. Be determined to be a's a fabulous goal to be aiming for, with all of the lovely stuff that comes with it; healthier, wealthier, feeling so good about yourself!

Quite a few people have mentioned about going out for drinks and the possibility of being tempted to go out for a fag. I don't drink, so I can't help there, but I'm sure people will be along with advice and experiences!

Keep up the good work and be strong and determined when any cravings come. They will's a case of riding them out in any way that you can. I found chocolate helped in the early days. :)




Well done Chez it's probably the most important decision you have ever made I enjoy a drink but now when my mates go outside to have a smoke in the freezing cold and the wind and rain I smile to myself and feel sorry for them because I was as stupid as them but not anymore now I am FREE


What I did was not avoid going out but actually stopped drinking alcohol because it's all ok until you get to about your fourth pint then it's "oh go on then one won't hurt" wrong! But by not drinking you will stay strong with a clear head, and you will also see first hand how stupid it is going outside in the cold just for a fag and coming back in stinking. I've also stopped drinking all together because I realized how stupid getting drunk was by seeing my mates when I was sober and they were drunk


Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Feeling very irritable this afternoon, not really craving though which is always a good thing! Looking forward to going for a jog this evening to try and clear this irratability!


I am on day two also, I am as sick as a small hospital though, coughing and sneezing sore throat etc. I still want to smoke how mad is that. I won't though. I know every hour is getting closer to getting the nicotine out of my system and not only that but after a while I won't be thinking about them all day every day, hope that comes sooooooooon.


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