No Smoking Day
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here we go again!

Well as the title says here I am on day one. I was here last year too..... ha ha. Today is going fairly well. I had my last smoke last night at about 9.30. I had had very few smokes all day and decided I wouldn't smoke any more before I went to bed. Then I got up and decided I wasn't going to smoke today, so far so good. Every now and then I have wanted to light up,. So wish me luck.

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Good luck! Just give a shout anytime your in need of support, there's always a number of us lurking about lol!

Well done on making the best decision you can ever make for yourself :)


Good for you!

Good for you for giving it another shot. Welcome back and best wishes too.:)


I think I found it a little easier today than the first day last time. I think it was because I was expecting it to be horrible. I was doing so very well last quit, but a sudden illness that led to death in our family just had me reaching for the cigerettes, and well it took me six months to get brave enough to quit again. It is funny how you make up your mind not to smoke, and are doing fine and boom the sneaky idea comes into your head, go on have a smoke...... dirty things. I must go now and look up a thread on here about the advantages of having quit. That was a great thread.


is there a November quit group?


Welcome back Biddypat. It's good to know that this day one was easier than the last. I hope it all goes that way for you. At the end of the day you know what to expect this time around and you'll already be armed with your specific ways of battling any difficult times that may crop up.

You should be really proud of yourself for getting back to a quit this soon, some people would have carried on for years before trying again. I take my hat off to you petal and am sending my best wishes to you for this quit.

You know you can do this.

Molly :)


Wishing you well in your quit, biddypat. I found that 2nd time around I was better "armed" so that I could recognise when a possibly tempting situation was beginning and I could give myself a good talking to about what would happen if I gave in. In a way, we are stronger the 2nd time around, having learned so much from the first time! :)




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