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Finding it easy


Hi I'm 3 weeks in of not smoking anymore and I'm finding it easy, a lot easier than ever before, I have not even wanted a fag, I have been smoking for about 23 years and about 20 fags a day except when I had a drink then it's probably about 40, I've stopped drinking and smoking and I'm feeling absolutely fantastic and have the energy of a 5 year old, never been so happy

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Thanks for advice, I am staying vigilant as it doesn't seem right and still waiting for things to go wrong, the only thing so far is I have a mouth ulcer but I don't know if that is related to quitting or its a coincidence

Well done to you, three weeks and feeling great is a fantastic buzz.

One of the othes said though don't get complacent. I was so delighted with myself last year I really thought I had it beaten but sadly I fell off the wagon. I am back though and hope to be bouncing as happily as you are. Onwards and upwards .

Doing good, Tulster! Make sure you don't let your guard down though! :)


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