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No Smoking Day
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So.....Time is flying!!

Morning All,

50 days today.....times seems to be flying! Never thought on my day 5 id get to 50! lol.....but here I am so I know it can be done.

So how do I feel? Well....Ok actually....I seem to be experiencing a different kinda feeling now....the feeling of wanting a ciggie but not actually craving one....my OH thinks this is a good sign.....he reckons that Ive got to the point where the habit/addiction is almost clear, and Im going through the normal process of brain changing!? If anyone can help with that one Id be grateful! lol :)

I feel...well GOOD! Less stressed, I feel healthy and clean. Im enjoying the peace that comes with being a quitter, you know the one I mean!! The one where Im not worrying about where I am..as Mash said in a previous post, not worrying about having a quick fag cos of where you are or what you are doing. Its nuts when you finally see how much control the NicDemon had on us, and not just our health, but our total way of life! :mad:

Life is flowing, and Im kinda just trundling along in my quit....On another note...ITS NEARLY CHRIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Have a good day all...keep smiling cos we have the knowledge of how much better life is going to get and how much easier things will get...and boy that IS something to smile and laugh about :D :D :D :D :D :D


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:D Thankyou both!

Before I signed up to this forum, I did get a little down about quitting. I almost saw it as a chore (would you believe it!?)...but there are so many people on here who are doing exactly the same thing! I got to the point after reading many many posts that quitting is so not doom and gloom! Its a good time...its fun discovering different things about yourself, whether they are good or bad....discovering different tastes, well everything really! lol The NicDemon had our lives in its hands, and now its in our own...how COOL is that!?

Im still enjoying it, even though my quit has settled into its routine..which can be a downer...but I try not to look at things that way anymore....and its thanks to this forum and the fact Im very lucky to have a very supportive OH :D

We are all in this together, striving for the same thing.....and all of experiences help each other come through what is a really tough fight in our lives :)...besides...CHRIMBO IS NEARLY HERE!!!

Love Christmas...just in case its in question! lol :D



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