At last

Im here! At the start of my third month as a non smoker. I believe I could never go back to smoking now. I hate the smell now, it doesn't matter if its fresh or stale smoke, either way its rank!

Again managing the csd helps, everytime someone buys cigs I think OMG Im never spending that on them again. When I talk to the customers 90% of them want to stop anyway.

So far I have not spent £547 on cigs, it feels so good not having to put money up for them so I don't run out. Im not looking at my packet at night and wondering if I will have to go to the shop so I wont have to run around in the morning.

The one down side is my mum still smokes. She is the only one in my family not to have quit. She is disabled and so when she comes to my house I let her smoke. She is the one person that I would never ask to go outside, I wouldn't do that to her. But by God the smell is horrible, fabreze must be making a fortune from me lol.

So onwards and upwards looking forward to the coming month.

Lillie x

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  • Thank you, but I wouldn't say Im cruising it. I haven't gone cold turkey Ive had nrt but hey I havent smoked and that's something Im proud of.

    Lillie x

  • Hey Lillie Im chuffed for you. your doing well good.

    Mash x:)

  • Well done Lillie you should be very proud, great post, very positive:)

  • Thanks everyone x Mash I think Im nearly at where I was before when I started again, no chance of that happening this time xx

  • Well done

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