No Smoking Day
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Marching into day 2

So day 1 is over and i'm now firmly planted in day 2. By about 8 o' clock last night all I could think about was going to bed, especially because I had cleaned the bedroom compulsively, washing the sheets and curtains etc. to get the disgusting smell of smoke out of there. And once I was in bed I could not sleep for the life of me! Kept waking up feeling really on edge. Stayed resolute however.

Even though we're only a couple hours in I'm already finding day 2 more challenging. Yesterday I only had about 2 or three craves (or at least periods that were so bad I called them craves) and they were all brought about by walking past my brother's fag packet etc. Situations where other people were smoking and out of sheer habit I was desperate to light one.

Today after waking up and toddling to the bathroom I was confronted by a stinker. "Just have one," it said. "Just one to get you through the day." I flipped it the bird and went about my business.

Today they just seem more substantial. Like as the demon is realising that i'm fighting for real this time he's becoming more and more desperate. I'm feeling good today though, apart from feeling, at times, "I'm really gonna miss having a fag in X situation". Need to keep telling myself that it's not those fags i'm missing; it's the nicotine and just how HORRIBLE the fags really were.

On a weird side note as well my coffee tastes bizarre this morning without the usual mouthfuls of tar and sludge to accompany it. Maybe it's a good idea to invest money saved in a good jar of coffee. hahaha.

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I got through it by telling myself that I wasn't giving anything up, that I was stopping something that wasn't any good for me. I sang, I whistled, I did anything I could to keep my mind occupied. Time your next crave, you will find that the longest it will last is 3 minutes.

Get on the net, if you can, and read about the detrimental effects of smoking, then read the benefits of stopping. Before you know it that crave will have gone.

If you do something that uses your mind then your mind wont have any room for the thoughts of smoking.

Keep it up, it will get easier.

Lillie xxx


Just keep flipping that bird. craves dont last very long, a few minutes at most . do something else instead. distraction works.b4 u know it you will have forgotten all about it ... until the next one that is. Once youve flipped one bird u can start flipping flocks of them. Flipping that bird ... never come across that saying b4... i like it ... a lot.



Hey, good on ya for showing the nicotine beasty who's boss!

The most important thing which worked for me and my advice is don't think of it as stopping anything, that way you will start to think you are depriving yourself of something and that feeling WILL get worse untill it gets unbearable. Think of your quit as setting yourself free from something horrid, every day is your march towards freedom and you will soon feel the benefits from it and then the real fun starts :D Hang in there, you can definately do it!


He wants to kill you

He is telling you have one, it will make you feel better! He is a liar its just not true, he wants to kill you, but first he wants to make you ill, then very ill, then he wants you in agony then KILL you. The Nicodemon has had you in his claws once, but you have bravely broken free, don't let him get you back! So he can finish the job, just keep telling yourself he is a LIAR and he wants to KILL ME


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