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Been so busy decorating the daughters house forgot to post, even worse I forgot to move rooms. I have quickly tidied week 2 room, but not to the usual spec. Feeling not too bad at all, weekend was hard again but got through it. Sore throat appeared right on time:(, did this the last quit and I felt awful for a few days, hopefully it won't be as bad this time. Hope everyone is well:D

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Awesome!, I bet you didn't even think of smoking during that trime either! Yer right on track with your quit and it really doesn't matter about leaving the last room in a mess, i'm pretty sure that the rooms i've left behind are a much tidier place without me in them :D Welcome, pull up a lazee-boy and relax infront of the fire, i've lit it for you so it's nice and toasty

Yay Shojam!! Keep going Shojam...your doing brilliantly :)

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