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Just joined, Firelfy

Just joined this forum.

My post on 16/11/2013

I thought I could quit on 09.11.13 - somehow thinking it a poetic date to do so. I thought I was strong enough to leave 5 cigarettes for posterity. NO GO. Saturday, smoked 2; Sunday another two. Going for another memorable date...... 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - smoked my last cigarette. I have been a 'dedicated' smoker for over 40 years (and smoked as much daily!). I love/loved smoking. But of late, it was nagging at me that I have to reckon with my smoking and its consequences. My mother died of cancer (she was not a smoker); my doctor is not too happy with my 'health regime' - ie regular medical check-ups but still carry on smoking. My husband, coming from a family with dicky hearts, also goes for regular check-ups. His specialist gives him a clean bill of health but chastises him for smoking! He doesn't smoke, but is a passive smoker! Sum total...... I had to grow a spine and quit this habit! Some years ago, I had tried the e-fag - no disrespect to the inventor, they are utter crap. A very poor substitute. Lighting up a cigarette is a ritual, smoking it is a journey, as is its end. I reckoned, it was cold turkey or nothing.

I cannot say it has been easy, on the contrary, cigarettes are in the forefront of my thoughts. But, this time, 5/6 days, is the longest I have ever been without lighting up and hopefully I can get to week 2.


I cannot believe I did it! I have always been gutless when considering giving up. I am still amazed how I got into the right mindset to take this step.

Must give a big thank you to this website and all who contribute. I read quite a few posts before I stopped and it was of tremendous help.

I think I will award myself a nice glass of white wine tonight!


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Well done firefly. Its time to enjoy life without them.



Hi Mash

Thanks so much for your reply. Just clicked on weblinks you suggested. They seem interesting. Will have a good read - probably after dinner. That is my worst time. Guess once a smoker, always a smoker, just abstaining, so ones resolve has to be strong for the rest of our lives.

Good luck your end and thanks once again



Well done :D you should be very proud of yourself xx


Hi Karri & Clairx

Thanks so much. It was such a welcome to read your replies. Just finished dinner and half a bottle of wine (my reward for hitting The Week mark), but this is probably the worst time of the day. I am handling the rest of the day pretty much ok - an hours walk before I go to work, an intensive job doesn't give you much time to be weak - kind of soldier on come what may. But driving home is the first indication of wanting to smoke. You hold out and congratulate yourself while cooking dinner etc., but it's downhill after you have eaten.

But I have to keep focused. Perhaps it will get better after week 2. Albeit, this is the longest I have abstained, so perhaps, this time I can quit for good, forever (well, at 56 forever is not that long!).

Again thanks. Be strong.



Well Done!!

Well Done Firefly. Your doing brilliantly. This forum helps so much doesn't it!? We are all on the same journey discovering ourselves :D

Keep going! :D :D


Hi Magicmom

Thanks for your post. I am nearing end of week 2 (half way) and the evenings are crippling, so hard to handle. How do you manage? Any tips?

Must persevere! Best of luck your end.




The first week under your belt is fab, just fab. If evenings are your worst, just have long relaxing baths and early nights, if you're sleeping you're not thinking or smoking!! Worked for me, promise, errrrrrrrr until the insomnia started with the patches, but that's another story.

Fi x


Hi Nutmeg

Guess we all try and handle it as best we can. I can sort of get through the day at work (lots of coffees and gum), but once I get into my ca, to drive home, the nagging starts. Till bed time, it's all a blur really, get through it and as you said float off to oblivion! I go walking at 5 a.m. with my dog, and that is the only thing that makes my day, keeps me sane. I really look forward to it and can honestly say even if I think of cigarettes, I have this super power to really really not want to smoke. Then the day degenerates! Well, if we thought this will be easy, then we are fools. If we are honest, this is all our doing and if we have made a promise to ourselves, it is worth giving it a shot - our best is all we can give.

Best of luck to you and thanks for posting,



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